Event Payment


event payment
With ticketZone’s variety of event payment options, you and your ticket purchasers can choose the plan that works best for you.

Offer your customers a variety of event payment options including:

  • Payment plans to make expensive tickets more feasible for ticket purchasers. This option allows party goers to be on their own schedule regarding event payment, and has been proven to both increase sales and increase attendance.

  • Promo codes to incentivize ticket purchasers with coupons, group discounts or comp tickets.

When it comes time for customers to pay for their tickets, our easy to use system will walk them through the steps to complete the secure transaction.

All customer payment for each event under your account will be stored in your ticketZone account, where you will be able to cash out after the event. After commissions/bounties and service charges has been taken out of your ticket sales, the rest is all yours.

Click here to get started selling tickets for your event and utilizing one of our many event payment options!

These promo codes work really well when printed directly onto clubZone tickets (www.clubzone.com/printing) and used in conjunction with street teams.

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