Event Planning


event planning

Not a pro yet at planning and executing events? Don’t sweat it! Once you take care of the event planning basics like location and entertainment, clubZone helps to ensure that your hard work pays off with by hosting an event packed with happy partiers. Our advanced software, features and staff helps ensure a successful event planning process from online ticket sales through the event execution.

It’s no secret that planning an awesome event can be stressful at times, so here are some cool features that can make your life easier and make your event stand out:

  • Once you’ve created your ticketed event on ticketZone, be sure to log into clubZone to enhance the event listing with HTML description including images and a hot flyer. The more unique the page is, the more likely party goers will be to give it a second look and be enticed to buy tickets.

  • Give ticket sales an extra boost by taking advantage of the feature to adjust price levels in the weeks leading up to the event or offer promo codes

  • Allow payment plans to make purchasing expensive tickets more feasible for party goers.

Many clubs and promoters have already utilized clubZone and ticketZone for their event planning needs. Click here to sign up and utilize one of the many extra features!


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