Online Event Registration


online event registration

ticketZone’s ticketing portal provides you with an easy to use system to register your events online, where they will be available for purchase by millions of party goers across the United States and Canada. Thousands of venues and promoters have already gotten started selling tickets for their events using ticketZone. It’s free to start selling, so click here to sign up!

Manage your event from start to finish with ticketZone’s all encompassing online event registration system. Post your tickets online for sale, promote it with free or paid advertising, and execute an organized entry and will call at the door, all while tracking sales statistics and registration all along the way.

ticketZone’s easy to use system allows ticket purchasers to shop the thousands of posted events and check out securely. From weekly events to Halloween or New Years Eve bashes, our online system can accommodate registration of any event at any time. Utilize ticketZone’s online event registration to sell tickets, promote your event and gain information about party goers.


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Event registration is 100% free if you are not selling tickets.

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