Ticket Pricing and Incentives

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Our buying incentives program gives you the ability to offer any discount you’d like, or even combine several offers for a single event. Options include:

  • Single-use promo codes
    Our special promo code system and software lets you offer unique online discounts to specific individuals, or honor your loyal customer while maintaining security. With our single use coupon codes, there’s no need to worry about people abusing your offers.

  • Group discounts
    Enable discounts for multiple ticket purchases for a single event. 

  • Secure pre-sale offers
    Have complete access to ticket sales by protecting the password. If you’d like to offer a great pre-sale special for your fan club or organization members, password protect the first buyers so they have their pick.

  • Comp tickets
    Surprise your friends and family with free tickets or distribute ticket prizes to contest winners.

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